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“Nothing has ever worked for me to lose weight. I love to workout and had no trouble doing that but when it came to eating I was (and still can be) a mess. Total emotional eater. Then one day I saw a post from Selena Mills and her before and after pic and thought … ‘that is so stupid. As if it works. She must not only starve herself but hate herself. I better look into this.’ So I did, and not only did I discover that she does not starve or hate herself, she changed the way I think about my body. Yes, the 21 Day Fix is a huge part of that with the portioning and daily 30-minute workouts, but it really was the way Selena made it different. It was so different than other plans because, with Selena, it’s about self-love and acceptance and honesty. She makes such an open and ‘anything goes’ type of space for all of us that I feel like I can say anything I need to say. The books she suggests aren’t about abs, but about the pain we don’t allow ourselves to feel when we substitute food for feelings. I always have trouble with the cheesiness of these kinds of things, but Selena made it real and heartfelt and … well, funny. She also helped me to understand the science behind how and why it works and gave great ideas for recipes, for the Shakeology and for every day. I have already suggested this program to more people than I can remember and I think that when a person is truly ready to tackle not just the weight but the emotion behind it, Selena is the coach to do it. Support and Challenge. Plus, a ton of great cleavage shots.”
~ ShoShana Sperling

“The 21 Day Fix has been a breath of fresh air for me in a market that is dominated by quick fixes and other gimmicks. While my journey in wellness is, and will continue to be ongoing, the 21 day fix has provided an opportunity for learning about portions, healthier eating, and consuming dense nutrition via Shakeology, which is a delicious way of supplementing my diet on a daily basis. The social media groups are an incredibly way of engaging with other women with similar experiences, sharing the good and the bad, and growing as people. Selena as my coach has reinforced the importance of personal growth and development in order to make the most of this life, and so that we can strive for a balance of the mind, body, spirit and emotion. This for me has been incredibly important, as health is not just limited to the food that we consume daily.”
~ Tina Leigh Breen

“I have only positive things to say about Selena as my Beachbody coach while doing the 21 DF program. Watching her success online, inspired me to make some pretty solid and surprising changes in my own life. She’s helped me implement some large life shifts that have resulted in spending more time focusing on portion control, healthy ways to feed my family and how to incorporate daily workouts into my too busy life. Whoa!! Who would have ever thought that I’d be saying that?? The program is pretty brilliant and the Shakeology is a heaven sent product. But it’s my gal Selena that kinda makes it all work for me. She’s a super creative and fun person who’s honesty and dedication does not seem to falter. Selena is truly devoted to her work and the resources she offers as well as her whole self, are always just a few clicks away. I trust her opinions and all her gut instincts where this wellness business is concerned and I’m super happy that this is where she is directing her energy and spending her time. While she is cultivating her coaching prowess, myself (as well as many others), are reaping the many benefits of being in her challenge groups. We have fun and it’s an all around feel good thing she’s got going. For reals.”
~ Shayne Fox

“There was a day, sometime in April, where I weighed myself and saw the scale at a number higher than I had ever weighed. After having two kids, and watching my exercise regimen and active lifestyle disappear, I simply felt like enough was enough, and I had to do something about it. I was, out of the corner of my eye, watching my dear friend Selena have great success with the 21 Day Fix. I never thought I’d be into doing workout videos at home, but decided to take the plunge with Selena as my coach. Lo and behold, I have become someone who loves doing workouts at home because they totally fit with my kid-centric, barely-enough-time-for-anything life. I love the wisdom I have gained from Portionology, and knowing which foods are best for my body. The added bonus of the daily shakes is a huge plus to this program. I feel a little bit invincible, actually. Selena is an awesome, inspiring, honest and true grit coach. I will never go back to not being active; I have tons more energy, a strong physique, and love the support of our group.”
~ Eden Hertzog

“Real! This is the word that comes to mind when I think of Selena! A magical coach, who makes you feel like you can do it too. She lives this journey of well-being! Her own journey with the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology would convince anyone to join this journey. All of its challenges and joys…setbacks and steps forward. Being part of the online private groups with Selena as a coach continues to inspire in me to have a louder and stronger inner voice. Her dedication and motivation throughout each round of the 21 day fix that I have done with her, is full of inspiring and empowering moments. I will continue to be a part of her team so I may continue to feel nourished; body, mind and spirit!”
~ Emily Ann Najarro Bode

Selena is a true wellness leader. She has been my guide through a new approach to health and fitness. Not only has she been by my side as a coach, advisor and cheerleader for the 21 Day Fix workouts, but (and perhaps most importantly for me) she’s also been an inspired and dialed in nutritionist. She’s got such a keen sense for food as medicine, and is bursting with a great balance of creativity and practicality, when it comes to food ideas – which is so helpful for my lifestyle at the moment. Selena really believes in what she is doing. For herself, and for others. I really feel that from her, and it’s caused a major pivot in my life. I was feeling stuck in a post-natal body and mind that had me feeling insecure and really unsure of myself. Now I’m reminded that metamorphosis is always within reach. She’s also really funny and makes me laugh a lot.”
~ Katinka Alup

“I have known Selena for a lifetime. She has always been a person I can turn to for support and advice. When she started her health and fitness journey, it wasn’t long before she brought me along. Her success and enthusiasm for the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology were a total inspiration and I wanted to follow. I have had struggles in my journey with insecurities and health issues and Selena has guided me through. She has been a comforting shoulder when I needed it and a drill sergeant when I needed that too. I went in hesitant, would I like Shakeology, would I have enough food to eat, could I do the workouts? However, after my first day I was relived to find how much I love my Shakeology and now can’t go a day without it and then I became concerned to figure out how I was going to eat sooooo much food! The workouts are challenging, but doable. The biggest difference between my other weight loss efforts and my current success with the 21 Day Fix has been Selena and Team Wellness Warriors. The strength, inspiration, knowledge and camaraderie that comes from the group is hard to put into words. It is something everyone should experience!”
~Jennifer Harte

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