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Paleo Wrap Option: Swiss Chard BLT

Swiss Chard Paleo Wraps: pin top
This of for those of you who like healthy tasting things. I’m not trying to sell this style of eating to those who have no desire or respect for it. Kind of maxed out with that right now. So. If you’ve clicked here, it’s becasue this looks damn tasty to you.

So first, I’d like to smugly congratulate you on having a developed palette. For being a human that is deeply connected to respecting the vessels that are but two which we are given in this life: your body. Your mind.

Plus … these include bacon. Those succulent strips of pure heaven make anything taste good so even if this image has you turning up towards the sky, g’won and give this a try. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll like it.

Oh, and I said I wasn’t going to to try and appeal to you over there crinkling you nose …

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