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Sugar Detox Pantry Basics: Smoky BBQ Sauce

Homemade BBQ Sauce

In my quest to please the BBQ sauce loving person in our home (because saying I wanted to please ‘my man’ with homemade BBQ sauce made my brain slightly implode and ideas of feminist revolt started to trickle in. But it’s true, so. Lawd BBQ sauce is complicated), and satisfy my desire to make my own condiments from scratch; I came up with this smokey, sexy sauce business.

It may boast a quick due-date, because it’s missing the bucket loads of sodium and preservatives that make the shelf life of the condiments we can’t seem to live without, last forever. (Think about that for a sec.) But it’s dang tasty and passed the, Mr. Picky-give-me-name-brand-cull-of-preservatives-ONLY, taste test.  It’s easy to make (with or without the smoke), freezes well and can be eaten with a multitude of spring and summer dishes. 

Flank Steak Pinwheels!

Flank steak pinwheels with sundried tomato and caper paste. DAMN SON! This was a meal served up to 2 incredibly deserving fitties and a neighbor who had just eaten dinner, but loves him his meat and these bad boys had his eyes lolling back into his head.

When it Was Spring…For a Second.

Didn’t I just. Spend a hunk of cash on annuals that are freezing their little butts off outside, continuously. Oh potato plants, please survive! I love your bright green limey-ness and I’m sorry I didn’t get to plant you before Ms. Spring, she left us, wagging her finger – dontcha know, we’ve done gone and near ruined this place. Today I said no thank-you to a plastic bag at the fish market. Just like every other time and the, who-I-thought-to-be-very-nice elderly owner rants,

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