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Black Cherry, Raw Chocolate Pie

About that raw chocolate pie I made last weekend. Passed down from a friend at a potluck for Summer Solstice years ago, herein lies my own twist on what was originally to-die-for. I often am experimenting with raw/vegan cuisine for various reasons. Shockingly tasty. One can indulge more or less healthily. No butter? No way! This is what my mantra most usually is. Although, the baking/non-baking of treats this way is very interesting to me as a foodie and slow thyroid avenger = slow metabolism. Especially when stumbling across such gluten-free, gourmet goddesses as  Elana Amsterdam of Elana’s Pantry. *Swoon* Of course, I still bake with all the unabashed; buttery, sugary, white flour tradition of our grannies. Because,

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