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For Your Mouth: Soaked + Smooth Almond Butter


Almond butter is sexy. I don’t have to think hard about a descriptive for it … this is immediately what comes to mind. Maybe it comes from the making of it, prior to the consuming of it. For its simple generosity and various uses. The way it coats ones mouth so that you are invited to let your tongue roll around its thick, creamy texture, luxuriating in the mouthy feel of it.

The satisfaction that it brings as a vehicle to many a slice of fruit, vegetable, chocolate chip and spoon. Spooning is mandatory. I’ve become rather smitten with making my own, you see, because I can. Because it’s cheaper than purchasing, especially in raw, organic form. I reject all other forms unless it involves coconut oil, a dash of sea salt and maple syrup. I like it how I like it.

I also prefer to soak my nuts prior to roasting them (which is a whole other post, this soaking of the nuts and seeds thing), which isn’t for everyone. So feel free to skip this step. It’s not an absolute thing. Neither is adding the coconut oil and you could also sweeten it with stevia, dates or nothing it all! It doesn’t need much, whichever you choose.

Almond butter has become a popular choice with the kiddos around here too, bye bye sugar laden peanut butter. I’ve also started making sunflower seed butter so that Wyndham can take it to school to dip his fruit and veggies as he pleases.

Oatmeal, Raisin & Carrot Cookies.

A healthy, chewy alternative !

Baby Tested, Adult Approved.
I experimented a few rounds before perfecting these little gooders. We are not a gluten free or vegan household, just trying to be healthy! Spelt flour , while it has a lower gluten content is not completely content free – is much healthier (less carbs), than white or wheat flours. Some of my baking experiments still have eggs and sometimes butter…depending on the occasion for treats. I wanted to create and everyday cookie that the WSL could enjoy, and to pack in the BSM’s lunches – which are healthy and tasty. I doubled this recipe to take on a loooong road trip we took this past weekend to the Winneway reservation in Quebec for the Long Point First Nation Winter Carnival.

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