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Giant, Chewy, Dark Chocolate Chunk Ginger Cookies

The time has come. We are here. You know all those sugar free or gluten and sugar free baked goods that I make throughout the year? Wherein, I often state that I’m not hardcore about it and that holiday baking is the one time that I don’t mess?

We’re at that time…

Oatmeal, Raisin & Carrot Cookies.

A healthy, chewy alternative !

Baby Tested, Adult Approved.
I experimented a few rounds before perfecting these little gooders. We are not a gluten free or vegan household, just trying to be healthy! Spelt flour , while it has a lower gluten content is not completely content free – is much healthier (less carbs), than white or wheat flours. Some of my baking experiments still have eggs and sometimes butter…depending on the occasion for treats. I wanted to create and everyday cookie that the WSL could enjoy, and to pack in the BSM’s lunches – which are healthy and tasty. I doubled this recipe to take on a loooong road trip we took this past weekend to the Winneway reservation in Quebec for the Long Point First Nation Winter Carnival.

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