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Free Printable: Dark Pasts and Bright Futures

Future - By Selena Mills for The Well Warriors
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To Market, To Market…

So I’m nutters. It’s official. Most of you may have noticed that in lieu of the huge summer projects that I have on the go, that le petite reve has been put on hold until the fall. Big, huge, time-waffling projects. The most important one being, which I LOVE – my growing baby, my sweet WSL. The other biggie is that festival you’ve all heard me blather on about, the Eaglewood Folk Festival. I’m on the Board, I’m the Volunteer Coordinator to over 100 peeps, I fundraise, I design, I implement, I do, do, I do. It has been rewarding in many ways, but it’s time to move on and this will be my last year. I have a family now and a new business to get off the ground. Dreams to make reality. O yea, we were also on tour for most of the summer with the BSM and the band he slaps serious funky, sexy bass for, Digging Roots. It helps that they are family of the non-blood kind and that available internet and and king size beds for co-sleeping families were written into their Tech Riders. Ha, Ha.

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