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Damn Good Guacamole

There are lots of ways to make guacamole. Simple or robust, I’m beginning to gather that people are very picky about their guacamole. I myself like my guac chock full of ingredients; layers of flavours. One bowl, one dip: guacamole and salsa, a mergence of flavours that we all know belong together anyways.

A good guacamole will captivate your tongue with it’s brazen, creamily textured delightfulness and immediately have you salivating for more. It will beg for a worthy vehicle and cry out for a (in the very least), premium glass of wine or beer. It is in fact, the quintessential, perfect party food.

Or a lunchtime addition. Or a toddler snack. As it is known to be these things and many more around these here parts.

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