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Triflin’ Baby

As in Abby made her first trifle with me today. Truthfully, it was my first trifle, and Abby did not do much except act a perfect angel and watch me while I trifled. (The puns just can’t be helped). I will say that she was very interested in the whole process, her interest in food in general is huge at the moment. She tries to grab it out of our hands and her eyes follow it wherever it goes. The drooling she does may or may not be in relation to salivating for a tasty morsel, I’d like to amuse myself with the notion that it does.

The trifle was the dessert for our out of hand pot luck feast last night, in celebration of Winter Solstice. Yesterday and today being for ceremony, lighting fires, giving thanks, praying, smudging, gathering with loved ones and feasting on traditional, seasonal food . The trifle is not seasonal except for the fact that it’s a Christmas trifle, and well – it is that time of year…

Everything else though, is all about wild meat and fish and  roasted caramelized root veggies. Back to the trifle. I messed up the layers, created it totally off the top of my head and am lacking a proper trifle bowl. Chalk up one more item for the Wedding Registry. Here’s what you’ll need:

Black Cherry, Raw Chocolate Pie

About that raw chocolate pie I made last weekend. Passed down from a friend at a potluck for Summer Solstice years ago, herein lies my own twist on what was originally to-die-for. I often am experimenting with raw/vegan cuisine for various reasons. Shockingly tasty. One can indulge more or less healthily. No butter? No way! This is what my mantra most usually is. Although, the baking/non-baking of treats this way is very interesting to me as a foodie and slow thyroid avenger = slow metabolism. Especially when stumbling across such gluten-free, gourmet goddesses as  Elana Amsterdam of Elana’s Pantry. *Swoon* Of course, I still bake with all the unabashed; buttery, sugary, white flour tradition of our grannies. Because,

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