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Easy Seed Crackers


It was with swift fortitude that I began to experiment in cracker making once I made the leap into grain and wheat-free eating. The cost of purchasing a box of wheat and grain-free crackers, containing maybe 20 crackers (sometimes less), is ridiculous. And hard to find. You can find gluten-free everything, but that’s a whole other post for another day. Giving up refined sugar was easy, I found alternates (raw honey, real, dark maple syrup, dates and bananas) far superior anyways. But pasta. Bread. Crackers. Vehicles with which to devour avocado smashed, and cracked salt and smothered goodness. Other dips and spreads. Without at least one staple with which to enjoy any of these fine things I knew I was in for it and fall off the wagon I did, many a time.

If one is going to completely over-haul their diet and eat/treat food as the medicine it was intended as well as the truly scrumptious and sensual experience that it should be; well then. You need an alternate plan of action. For me it was these crackers. Which, until of recent…have satiated many a would-border-crossing over to the dark-side of grainy, wheat-y goodness. Yet, I’m rather enjoying the well-rested, non-spiked blood sugar, migraine-free days of my life as it happens to be right now…being pre-diabetic in two words? Can SUCK IT. These have become a staple and I’ve moved right along into testing (over and over and over) again a Paleo rye bread recipe. When that recipe gets approved out of test-kitchen status to that of something mouth wateringly magnificent, oh my friends. Then we shall have a smashed avocado on toast party. All the things on toast.

Until then, I have these crackers and they’ve been doing me just fine. Others too, if my neighbours count. (Of course they do. You wish you had neighbours as awesome as I do.) You don’t have to be a Paleo cuisine convert to make/enjoy these beauties. If you care about what you put into your body or simply love delicious food, in a ‘from-scratch’ sort of way; these belong in your mouth.


Luxuriating in Seasonal Tapas: Baked Peach & Brie With Basil & Olives

Peaches with olives you say? YES. Oh hells yea. First, one must have a love for kalamata olives. I do – the mister doesn’t, so this melt-in-your-mouth, dip, soak and scoop up with fresh crusty bread tapas style appetizer… it didn’t do it for him.

For those of you who love fresh inspired cuisine? Rustic, seasonal and adventurous food? This is for you. The creamy, perfectly oozy and mild flavour of the brie pairs perfectly with the strong and salty taste of the kalamata olives. The peaches serve as but a sticky sweet vehicle for said olives and brie. And the basil? Well basil in growing in abundance in our garden right now and I had visions of basil infused oil drizzles and basil served with desserts painted with reduced balsamic swirling through my foodie brain…

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