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Unlikely Combination: Asparagus & Apple Soup

I’m trying to remember where I first tasted this brilliant concoction. If my memory serves me correctly it was my good friend Dan, a mighty fine chef – who created such soup from the whorls of his wacky brain.

I, purveyor and lover of wacky minds, loved this soup upon very first taste. Not because it was such an unlikely marriage, the asparagus and the apple; but because it was (is) worthy of food porn status.

There was no sharing of the recipe, no talk of the soup ever again, but it always remained in the recesses of my mind as one of the best things I ever ate. Accompanied of course by some fresh baked bread. Is that not the going rule for all soup? Indeed.

Moving right along…

I’m sure my recipe is far different than Dan’s and I could never get it to taste quite like his. However. It’s incredibly simple and damn tasty, so there’s that. Soup deliciousness made possible by these two toddlers (well, mostly the older one) and their apple picking adventures.


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