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On Being Grateful: The Daddy Files

I’m not gonna lie. The mister has been gone for going on 6 days now and I am in over my head. #SendHelpNow. He’s on a tour withNathan Rogers, playing all the songs he grew up with in his dad’s studio – from Nathan’s dad, the late great Stan Rogers.

Some of you may not know who that is, so Ima going to school you. Because Stan is a Canadian folk icon and you’ll be the better for knowing. He was a legend really, a voice of and for the people. He sang of ships and hard-working people, the Great Lakes and Ontario.

The McFlies Love Boob

It’s been more than a couple of weeks since the WSL and I attended this gig with the daddio subbing on upright. (Bass). That and uncle David is in the band and this mama has never seen them play before. For shame. Because really, these boys are so fun. So good. So cute. What a booty-shake inducing enterprise! I’m talkin’ about the McFlies, so much more than an 80’s coverband – Don’t take my word for it, have a gander of this video taken on the night of…


Busy day! Y’know that Board I’m on for The Eaglewood Folk Festival, yeah? Today is a busy day for us in that world. Our volunteers are so very important and we love them, so we put on some sort of party for them annually pre-festival. This year it’s a Potluck/Barn Party on a gorgeous farm owned by two other EFF Board Members and home to their company, Living Landscapes. I’ve made two, vegan raw chocolate pies. More on that later…

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