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Venison Loaf, With Cajun Frites & Beans

Things are pure madness in this household right now…I know, how many times can I say that? But for reals. The new babe is due in a couple of months (Aug. 1) we’re still doing work on the new house, my Etsy Shop/Off-line sales are KA-booming, the new gig as Social Media Consultant for Borealis Records is not the new one anymore. I’ve just taken a contract with a *yet to be officially announced until i commence on June 1st* on-line parenting/news wire. Oh boy. How do I do it? Well, the WSL is in daycare 3 days per week, I have a pretty awesome man who helps out around the house (sometimes with a gentle prod, nibble or goose), great friends who really support me and help keep me sane.

But seriously – I am also sourcing out. Hiring a weekly cleaner for one. I’m posting a Craiglist & Kijiji job ad looking to hire a part-time/seasonal seamstress. This means creating a Policy & Procedure Manual, measurement & stitch flow charts and finishing some of my templates/patterns and the training that will ensue, but yes. In the long-run will cause me less stress, manic: holy-shit-I have-all-these-Etsy-orders-and-crap-I-have to-do-research-for-that-article-and-finish-writing-it-oh-and-the-laundry-mountain-is-growing-past-my-comfort-level-what’s for-dinner-ew-that-ring-around-the-tub-has-to-go-I-have-to-plant-my-garden-like-yesterday-get-on-hootsuite-and-stay-there-try-to-keep-up-to-date-on-all-things-indie/folk-music-industry/deadlines-tackle-mountain-of-admin-oy.-the-inbox-overfloweth-respond-to-people-now-lest-you-value-your-life-and…and, yea.

Less of that manic state more of; ahhh, I have time to breathe now and then. Time to play with my boy; endlessly read him stories, make

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