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Fire Emergency Fundraiser: Please Help The Bielanko Family

Yesterday, one of my editors from the Babbles tweeted, ‘Today is the worst kind of day. Praying for one of my dear, dear bloggers.’

I had no idea what was going on, but I was worried. Now that I know, I am spreading the word over on the Babble’s today. Please visit this post and do what you can to help the Bielanko family pick up the pieces.

The Bielanko Family: Monika, Serge, Violet & Henry. All Safe, Thank the Creator.

Watch Them Undead Get Groovy See?

Post Hallowe’en. As if I waited this long to post pix? Just where do I think I am taking this blog anyways? Bad bloggy mama. Bad.

Corpse Bride & Groom. Our Way/ Well, really – my way. I adore that the BSM obliges with me putting make-up on him. Good-times to be had there! As well as at the costume party we attended at one of my best girl’s lovely (spooky!) home.

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