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Venison Loaf, With Cajun Frites & Beans

Things are pure madness in this household right now…I know, how many times can I say that? But for reals. The new babe is due in a couple of months (Aug. 1) we’re still doing work on the new house, my Etsy Shop/Off-line sales are KA-booming, the new gig as Social Media Consultant for Borealis Records is not the new one anymore. I’ve just taken a contract with a *yet to be officially announced until i commence on June 1st* on-line parenting/news wire. Oh boy. How do I do it? Well, the WSL is in daycare 3 days per week, I have a pretty awesome man who helps out around the house (sometimes with a gentle prod, nibble or goose), great friends who really support me and help keep me sane.

But seriously – I am also sourcing out. Hiring a weekly cleaner for one. I’m posting a Craiglist & Kijiji job ad looking to hire a part-time/seasonal seamstress. This means creating a Policy & Procedure Manual, measurement & stitch flow charts and finishing some of my templates/patterns and the training that will ensue, but yes. In the long-run will cause me less stress, manic: holy-shit-I have-all-these-Etsy-orders-and-crap-I-have to-do-research-for-that-article-and-finish-writing-it-oh-and-the-laundry-mountain-is-growing-past-my-comfort-level-what’s for-dinner-ew-that-ring-around-the-tub-has-to-go-I-have-to-plant-my-garden-like-yesterday-get-on-hootsuite-and-stay-there-try-to-keep-up-to-date-on-all-things-indie/folk-music-industry/deadlines-tackle-mountain-of-admin-oy.-the-inbox-overfloweth-respond-to-people-now-lest-you-value-your-life-and…and, yea.

Less of that manic state more of; ahhh, I have time to breathe now and then. Time to play with my boy; endlessly read him stories, make

Busy Bee? Quick & Simple Grilled Cajun Tuna with Brown Rice, Green Bean and Red Pepper Pilaf.

So I’m busy. Your busy, we all be busy. But we can still make deelish food to nom on the fly! Happy me, happy babe, happy man. Oooo, after that glass of wine tonight – I’m so getting some action, and so are you if you out this in her/his tummy.

Par Deux and one 1/2 (that would be a baby or small, naughty table fed pet)

Zee Tuna, yia?

* 2 tuna steaks
* Salt and pepper to taste
* Organic grape seed oil
* The juice of 1 lemon (let baby suck on the rind. Not too wee of a baby mind you. Mine LOVES it. And the faces he makes are priceless. Heart-warming. Mommy-lovedom gooeyness)

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