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top- One of the most delicious quick breads to make, bannock can also be high in carbs and rather generous with the butter (you can’t have bannock without generous amounts of butter!). Not the healthiest of breads, yet still very much loved by many. Including us! It pairs perfectly with soups and stews and I love making it because it’s so quick and easy and doesn’t need to rise!

While spelt flour has the lowest gluten content of all the flours, it’s not toally g-free so if you’re gluten intolerant this might be okay for you but if you’re celiac? No dice. The addition of the coconut flour is used for it’s delicious flavour and texture as well as being g-free.

Even though this bannock recipe is low- carb and considerably healthier than it’s beloved deep fried brethren, we still consider this bread a treat. Versatile and delicious we enjoy it warm with butter (in case I didn’t mention that yet), or butter AND jam, because hello. But most of all we love it best when paired with soups and stews.

I’m thinking of experimenting with smoked wild fish and meat, root vegetables, herbs, cheeses and spices in the future, different variations. Maybe even desserts made with bannock. Probably a full-on gluten-free one too. Until then however, here is the straight up, low-carb, easy-peasy version…

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