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Luxuriating in Seasonal Tapas: Baked Peach & Brie With Basil & Olives

Peaches with olives you say? YES. Oh hells yea. First, one must have a love for kalamata olives. I do – the mister doesn’t, so this melt-in-your-mouth, dip, soak and scoop up with fresh crusty bread tapas style appetizer… it didn’t do it for him.

For those of you who love fresh inspired cuisine? Rustic, seasonal and adventurous food? This is for you. The creamy, perfectly oozy and mild flavour of the brie pairs perfectly with the strong and salty taste of the kalamata olives. The peaches serve as but a sticky sweet vehicle for said olives and brie. And the basil? Well basil in growing in abundance in our garden right now and I had visions of basil infused oil drizzles and basil served with desserts painted with reduced balsamic swirling through my foodie brain…

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