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For Your Mouth: Soaked + Smooth Almond Butter


Almond butter is sexy. I don’t have to think hard about a descriptive for it … this is immediately what comes to mind. Maybe it comes from the making of it, prior to the consuming of it. For its simple generosity and various uses. The way it coats ones mouth so that you are invited to let your tongue roll around its thick, creamy texture, luxuriating in the mouthy feel of it.

The satisfaction that it brings as a vehicle to many a slice of fruit, vegetable, chocolate chip and spoon. Spooning is mandatory. I’ve become rather smitten with making my own, you see, because I can. Because it’s cheaper than purchasing, especially in raw, organic form. I reject all other forms unless it involves coconut oil, a dash of sea salt and maple syrup. I like it how I like it.

I also prefer to soak my nuts prior to roasting them (which is a whole other post, this soaking of the nuts and seeds thing), which isn’t for everyone. So feel free to skip this step. It’s not an absolute thing. Neither is adding the coconut oil and you could also sweeten it with stevia, dates or nothing it all! It doesn’t need much, whichever you choose.

Almond butter has become a popular choice with the kiddos around here too, bye bye sugar laden peanut butter. I’ve also started making sunflower seed butter so that Wyndham can take it to school to dip his fruit and veggies as he pleases.

Up Close and Personal With The Rainbow Plate

Boys with plates & rainbow

Subscribers and friends here will know, that children’s food and nutrition is something that we take very seriously. In making food as fun as possible sort of way, especially when it comes to teaching and sharing with kids about the bounty of nature and the pure joy and allure that various types of fresh food and cuisine can offer in our daily lives.

Of this (and more), a company such as The Rainbow Plate need not preach to us about. Which is one of the many reasons I love what they’re doing as a company. The don’t preach. They focus less on nutrition lessons and more on inspiring people to simply embrace real food. With a hands-on approach to their programming and supportive resources, they expose people to a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, spark imaginations and cultivate healthy habits. You can can quite easily imagine how smoothly they create a connection betwixt food, play and imagination; getting kids excited about food and for adults to support and nurture kids to become lifelong thoughtful eaters.

Fun With Food: Why I Do What I Do For My Kids

As many of you know, I’m a food nerd. As in I actually derive joy from growing food, cooking food, baking and making it fun for my kids when the time permits. Cooking particularly, is an extension of my creativity. I am that woman singing in the kitchen and loving it. For me, there’s actually something sensual to the art of creating delicious meals, recipe development and the science of baking.

One might say it’s a hobby of mine. It’s not something I think of as a chore or a test. Getting busy in the kitchen is my jam. Particularly while sipping on something fine and listening to something exquisite.

Another extension to the love that I have for cooking is the firm belief that I have rooted in the fact that food is medicine. Healthy eating is a way of life. Not as an obsession revolving around keeping my ass size in check – but rather to nurture my mind, body and soul. To provide the same for my family, my kids. I notice a distinct difference, now that I’m a few years into this parenting game between my kids and their response to fresh food, compared to other kids who come from homes where there isn’t as much of a focus on real food. That’s not a judgement, it’s just a fact.

I don’t want my kids to grow up obsessed with their body image. I wish for them to fall in love with real food, to respect it, where it comes from and how it’s grown. How it affects their bodies and their minds. Because there isn’t much about it that’s forced for us, I do believe that they are learning these things naturally, everyday. No force feeding, no freaking out when they don’t try everything. By the simple fact that healthy food is just a regular part of our days, as opposed to pre-fab food is enough. They know about ketchup, but they don’t know about boxed chicken nuggets or superfries. I’m not a zealot about it either. We still order pizza and get take-out now and then. These aren’t described as treats, real food is the treat. These are known to be the days that, ‘mama had a deadline, or mama is sick, or daddy’s been away for 14 days straight.’

I’m not trying to humble-brag; I’m trying sharing with you some of the very viable reasons as to why, why on earth I actually take the time every now and then to do something fun and special with food just for them. Geared specifically towards their interests as young children. It’s not like I have all this spare time to waste, it’s just that these things are important to me. I am after all, their chief memory maker, all healthy food-nut notions aside.

With Wyndham starting school (!!!) next week I’ve been thinking a lot about lunch and after-school snack ideas. So over the past couple of weekends I’ve test ridden some trials (knowing full-well they’d be well received having prepared fun food plates for them before), and shared a bunch of them over on Babble! Visit me over there to check them out, there are 6 more cute and creative ideas just like the one above to get you started. 

Until the next. XO

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