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Paleo Pumpkin Pie

But why? Why on earth would I do that? Psh, you might be saying to yourself…’sure, you could make any baked good without all of those luxurious (necessary) things, but it won’t taste good.’

And after one failed attempt I might have agreed with you. But like any glutton for punishment, home cook who has a big Holiday table to feed, including a bevy of loved ones with food allergies…I knew I had to perfect this recipe. A pumpkin pie that tastes just as decadent and creamy as it’s traditional velvet-like ancestors…

What You’ve Been Asking For (Sugar Free, Spelt Pumpkin Muffins)

Make & Eat.

I’m always experimenting with baking. To create treats with less or no sugar, (the high fructose variations at least) healthier flours and fresh ingredients – it’s all become an addiction. I love making delectable goodies, that won’t have my kids bouncing off of the walls or taking a researched and proven toll on their health.

All of this, without compromising on taste has taken lots of playing around. Maple syrup (the real kind, Aunt Jemima and other fake maple syrups are laden with corn syrup) and honey are my two new favourite sugar substitutions. Over the refined, processed kind. Honey and maple syrup obviously contain natural sugars. I’ve linked up my holy grail of sugar free substitutions before.

To make healthy baked goods that don’t taste like cardboard is a notion that receives many a snicker. It can be done. We should all stop snarking, because the evils of sugar are very real.

I’m not saying we are a sugar-free house-hold. We do make many substitutions and eat fresh, pre-fab free and local for the most part. It’s not always easy, but hella worth it. Both in taste and in the measurable health benefits aquired through making educated food choices.

However. There are nights when take-out pizza gets ordered and timbits get consumed. Just keepin’ it real over here. Doing how I do. Now for these muffins. Which we’ve been calling cupcakes around here for their moist, cake like texture, begging for sugar-free cream cheese icing. (So easy, so good)…

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