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Baking With Toddlers: Gluten & Refined Sugar-Free Easter Cookies

This recipe is all about the toddlers and all about the coconut. It was messy yes, I mean obviously. Honestly? We had a ton of fun doing it and tossed the youngest in the tub afterward (you’ll soon see why). Toddlers + Messes Everywhere All The Time = normal.

These are the type of cut-out cookies that you can feed your little ones (and yourself), whenever an occasion calls for cut-out cookies. Without the guilt or the worry of hyped-up moods, sugar-crashes and fatty fatness. I mean – there’s still some of that (FAT!) in here, but without all of the processed white flour and refined sugar, there is a whole heck of a lot less.  I love doing seasonal, themed activities that revolve around the holidays that are special to us. Enjoy the recipe and the pictures…

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