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top Forget about freshly squeezed orange juice. This is what you want. Sunshine in a jar. A refreshing and satisfying way to wake up, this is one of my new favourite smoothies. This baby tides me over till after the kids are on their way and I can make myself a second breakfast because I’m selfish like that I I love to feed my body nourishing things multiple times a day.

Fresh Start

Yeah, yeah – it’s true what ‘they’ say. Mornings are important. We try – key word, try, to eat bountiful, and healthy and spend time together as a family. Connected, working together to get out the door. It’s uber hard at times as our cup, it runneth over. We are ripe. It’s a juggle to eat healthy and plan those meals and source it as locally as possible when you’ve got as much on the go as we do. Not complaining really – who could have ever imagined how much life would change with the babe. I suppose it would not have taken a genius to figure that prior to the WSL’s birth, that we were worn thin. Mostly happily, thin. We’ve recently re-evaluated our lifestyle, what’s important – keeping quality of life as the goal. So, this is our last year as organizers with The Eaglewood Folk Festival. Sad, but true. The time has come to focus our energies on

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