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Where, Oh Where

Have I been? Painting, painting, painting. Designing kitchen islands and fireplace mantles, unpacking and organizing galore. Not to mention working on my new spring line, making application deadlines for summer fall and Christmas artisan shows and taking on a new contract as the ‘social media maven’ (?) for Borealis Records. Yes, the WSL in in daycare part-time.  Going on 2 weeks and he LOVES it. I am not that kind of super-woman.

We may not have done ‘hard-core’ reno’s…but yea. It’s been quite enough for us! Phew! (Not to mention the actual pack, move and the un-packing which can’t really be done till the painting is done, all with a toddler under-foot, WHEEeeeEEEee!

Steven & Chris, me & a Giveaway for YOU!

When I started this blog I really didn’t realize all of the awesome things that could come across my path in doing so. Like getting invited to a special taping of the Steven & Chris show. As a blogger. With a whole wack-doodle of other lifestyle and design bloggers. As in somehow, their web-guy/gal (s) had the specific task of finding all of the bloggers who they felt would be a good pick (me?!) for the audience and to blog about it afterward.

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