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Sunshine: The Good vs.The Bad, Plus 3 Important Things To Know About Before Buying Sunscreen

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Delicious sunshine. The coming of summer has many thinking they need to up their sunscreen game. The biggest fear, of course, has been manifested in avoidance of the the potential risk of skin cancer. And yet, studies have proven that liberal application of sunscreen cannot guarantee anyone’s protection from getting skin cancer and in fact, many sunscreens contain toxic and untested ingredients. The Environmental Working Group conducted a comprehensive study in which they analyzed 1,700 commonly used and widely marketed sun protection products in preparation to compile their annual Guide to Sunscreens for 2015. Their research uncovered that 80% had harmful ingredients or inadequate protection! But first, I thought it would be helpful to break down how sun exposure weighs In on your health. We get so many mixed messages. Sun is good for you. Sun is bad for you.

How Moderate Amounts of Sun Can Be Good For You

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