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It’s the most magical time of the year. That super special time for those of us with toddlers wherein we embrace the big, jolly, hairy white lie that is Santa Clause, (don’t even talk to me about how wrong that is. Just stop it with that) and knuckle down for some serious vacation time, merriment and family gatherings.

Which all usually revolves around lots of travel. At least for us. In a car. For hours.

Doing so without loosing one’s mind takes some patience, creativity and organization…

Turning Dinner Into a Game and Art: Literally

When one has toddlers, they’re willing to do pretty much anything to get them to eat more than ketchup sandwiches.

Not everyday, these picky little eaters will indeed survive without eating a balanced meal on the steady, 3 times a day. Trying to make that happen will/can get tiring pretty quick.

However, there are some things you can, on occasion that will boost their love for simple, healthy foods (without all the toddler ‘frills’ = dips and condiments) for all those times in between. I recently came up with this simple, fun dinnertime activity that was a total hit with my kids…

Baking With Toddlers: Gluten & Refined Sugar-Free Easter Cookies

This recipe is all about the toddlers and all about the coconut. It was messy yes, I mean obviously. Honestly? We had a ton of fun doing it and tossed the youngest in the tub afterward (you’ll soon see why). Toddlers + Messes Everywhere All The Time = normal.

These are the type of cut-out cookies that you can feed your little ones (and yourself), whenever an occasion calls for cut-out cookies. Without the guilt or the worry of hyped-up moods, sugar-crashes and fatty fatness. I mean – there’s still some of that (FAT!) in here, but without all of the processed white flour and refined sugar, there is a whole heck of a lot less.  I love doing seasonal, themed activities that revolve around the holidays that are special to us. Enjoy the recipe and the pictures…

Toronto Island Hits The Spot

Boat Rides



In these last few precious days of summer, I can’t help but look forward to fall. Autumn would be my favourite time of year if we had the long days of sunlight that come with the summer.

That’s the one thing that truly makes my heart ache a little with the change of seasons (from summer to fall). When the daylight hours start to trickle down and it starts to get dark earlier. Soon, we’ll be trying to get dinner on the table earlier so we can still get in a walk or a trip to the park before it gets dark.

Summer always seems so short and winter is so, so long. I try to remember that whenever I get a hankering for fall. I also try to pack in as much outdoor activities during the last days of August as I can. I think many mothers must do this. Right?

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