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4 Sleeps Till Mexico: Baby,Toddler & Family Checklist

Whut whuuuuuut.

Lately I’ve teetering on this edge of a precipice leading to doom. The kind of doom that smells distinctly of burning. Or rather burn-out. Which is why I can barely contain my anticipation to borad a plane bound for the Riviera Mayan. It’s our first vacation as a family of four. It’s the first time the mister and I have ever ben to an all inclusive resort together. So thanks sister-in-law for having a destination wedding!

Packing up for a week of sun and sand with two littles is no easy feat, that which I can more or less glean. We’ve packed up our van many a time fore more local road-tripping, camping or touring with the mister with his band when accommodations and locations allow. This trip however – logically calls for some extra special organizing and planning. Which should all start from a list, right?

Lists are shiny, golden paths to success. For those who don’t know that…y’all get with the program! So, this shall be my own personal list that I share with all of you momma’s out there who are about to embark on a similar journey with smalls in tow.

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