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Sweet Things: Autumnal Pictorial

I have just returned home from a mind-altering, soul-shifting work retreat. So much more on that later. I came home with a big hunger in my heart to dote on my little ones, to scoop them up in big cuddles and get some serious organizing done around the house. This includes spending far too much time going through photos from the whirlwind that has been this past Summer now nearing on the end of Autumn. I am awe-struck by the beauty I I have been gifted with in these sprightly, curious, remarkable humans Trev and I are raising.

I love watching them grow and build friendships and relationships to last a lifetime. These are but a few pics of my curly haired, chubby (still) cheeked firecrackers and those they call their bests. I hope to nurture these relationships well on into the years…

1 4 6 3 IMG_2004 2 IMG_2040 8 7 9 IMG_2056 10 5 IMG_1307 IMG_2618 any given moment
Adorable kid-sized mukluks c/o Manitobah Mukluks!
Our 1st Chappel Farms Visit
3 Years of Gratuitous Pumpkin Patch Photos: Compared
2013 Pumpkin Patch Photos
One Single Photo From 2015’s Chappel Farms Visit


So do all kids love apple picking? Is it just a thing? I think so. I remember I did. A few minutes on any apple farm and you will hear the tell-tale signs of joy. Little people joy. Shouts of excitement, leaving swishing under the scurry of little feet anxious to pick and eat as many apples as their parents will let them.

I usually cut mine off at four, lest I want their joy to quickly turn into a tummy ache on the ride home.

Which, is the farthest thought from their mind when they’re running around like apple-drunk miniature hooligans, on the cusp of yet another autumn. Yet another winter. I’d have to say some of our top traditions as a family involve food in one way or another. Strawberry picking, apple picking and pumpkin picking have quickly turned into excursions that Wyndham now has fond memories of.

It’s a monumental development (to me), when a child can start to remember stuff like that. Where the traditions we’re building aren’t just for us anymore. When our kid(s) start to really get it, when they start to remember how the seasons change and the special things we do as a family; it sets in. The realization that this is it. I’m building memories for my kids and myself too.

It’s in the way they grow each year. To be able to go back and reminisce, to compare photos of each apple picked by chubby little hands, each obligatory brother/sister pose. It’s pretty to special. To me, anyways.

A look…at this year’s apple picking and the last…

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