Misery (Brought To You By The Letter M)

So my computer.

My shiny Mac, (see money making devise. Because I is a blogger who writes for the pleasure but also for the monies), has given me the finger. For the second time in 6 months.

Just Like That

Which, if I were in a better mood about all of this, I could somehow find the humour in that the machine that I have been known to flip many a bird to, has found a way to sure how me who’s boss.

But I’m not laughing. (Except maybe the night before last, when it all starting unfurling, and the tech wizard, aka: the mister, could not administer all of the wizardry in the world to save my user files. That’s when I poured a glass of whiskey big enough to dunk my head in, took a deep and penetrating swallow and let forth a slow, maniacal laugh. Amongst many swears.)

Of course, I’m not that person who’s livelihood depends on their computer and the files within, who doesn’t do regular back-ups. Nope, not me. Once a month (which hello? Not enough), I’ve plugged in overnight and backed my ass up. Because obviously, right?

What has happened is that I’ve been so busy with making big decisions and working new gigs and trying to find the work life balance of it all that I failed to back-up my computer after our Mexico trip. Which means at this point in time, all high res (for printing) pictures of my sister-in-laws wedding are gonzo. Amongst countless  other pictures. (Ya’ll know of my love affair with the lens).

And the work. Oh my Gawwwrrrdsssss the work. That blog collective that I’ve been in mid-launch with for like ever? Well, since making the afore mentioned big decisions, I actually had the time to hunker down this month and assemble all of the everything for it. I’m talking, ‘Blogger How-To’ manual for the contributors, the design, the layout, the fonts, the icons, the EV.RY.THING. Oh, and since I was on a roll, I had a big fat juicy file of all my ‘New Reve’ ideas (the face of which, around here, was to be shiny and new very soon).

All. Gone.

Unless some genius can do what my live-in genius can’t do, and somehow raise my hard-drive from the ashes of a very black death.

There is some history to this epic disaster, being that a couple of months ago my computer took a coffee bath. (Shockingly, not me). Living in a small town, I took it to a registered Mac repair shop (the only one). Basically, after a few rounds of complete FUCKERY, I got my computer back after 2 weeks, and then had to take it back because he did a crap job of putting it back together so all of the keys didn’t work. Test your end product much buddy?

So. 2 more weeks. Seriously. I’ll spare you all of the shady details, but once I had my (almost) working computer back I just wanted to be finished with the whole negative experience and get back to working on a computer with a working M key. (Did I mention that part? I’m born again on my hubby’s old Mac-Book Pro, which has a failing screen, weak-ass wifi card and no M key. Do you know how many times, this post alone I’ve had to copy and paste an M? Obviously a lot. Makes for drudgery of the everyday, in such a simple thing. Oh the letter M, why must you detest me so?

Imagine days full of that, as a professional writer. Head. Desk. We won’t even talk  about the monolith that has been even getting re-situated to begin entertaining the thought of getting down to work again.

So the mister is going to an official Mac store to relay all of the events that occurred in our dealings with Le Monsieur Fuckery. Because they have who he is, his shop, my ‘repair(s)’ via him – all that action on file. Also, of course, to see if they can salvage anything from my woe-begotten hard-drive.

Because I have 2 grand to buy a new computer right now. Except not really.

Send chocolate. Send wine. #Holdme



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